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*in progress*

Similar in some respects to the original mWarped Linear Prediction filter. The filter has 4 inputs and 4 outputs. In modes 1 & 2 ("code td" and "code fd"), it transmits side information on output channels 3&4. In modes 4 & 5 ("decode td" and "decode fd") it process input channels 3&4 to "reconstruct" channels 1&2. In mode 3 ("code+decode") only channels 1&2 are used and no side information is passed or processed.

The plugin is not attempting to be a codec simulation and transparent coding/decoding is likely impossible. I'm not sure how far the plugin will be developed. Currently only a Mac VST (32-bit).

Rough UI created using g200kg's knobman and users az and Sasha Radojevic's .knob files

Latest version 0.2.0 (programs/ posted at 2013-03-20)
Older versions 0.1.5 (programs/ posted at 2013-03-16)
0.1.1 (programs/ posted at 2013-03-09)
Notes UI fix, primitive real time display of reflection coefficients at coder/decoder.
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*not active*
Same basic idea as mWarped Linear Prediction Filter, but this time the filter can have a higher order, the residual signal after whitening can be shifted faster or slower, saturated or decimated. Furthermore, most parameters can be made targets of two LFOs and the envelope follower, in addition to which the output is fed back through a delay line and analyzed along with the input. There is no variable quantization of the residual in Anticode, though, because I didn't feel it really justified itself -- decimate is more interesting anyway. A noise source may be added at a later time, though.

2007.01.29 - The latest version will warn you that skin files are missing when you first load it. This is normal. Click 'Ok' to install the required files at the locations specified (or cancel if you decide not to use Anticode). If for some reason someone can't stand the imposition of having Anticode making a folder, feel free to complain (though I'm not sure what a good alternative is).

In the meantime, if anyone would be so kind as to make a better skin for the plugin - please do! Feel free to ask for features that you feel are missing, though again I'm not sure I'll have time to help out.

Latest version 0.9.8 (programs/ posted at 2007-01-26)
Older versions 0.9.5 (programs/ posted at 2007-01-07)
0.9.4 (programs/ posted at 2007-01-07)
0.9.1 (programs/ posted at 2007-01-01)
0.9.0 (programs/ posted at 2006-12-29)
0.1.4 (programs/ posted at 2005-11-29)
0.12 (programs/ posted at 2005-11-17)
0.11 (programs/ posted at 2005-11-16)
0.1 (programs/ posted at 2005-11-15)
Manual Anticode_Manual_v0p95.pdf
  • Skinable with skins loaded from XML file, fairly configurable
  • Configuration specified in XML file along with skin path
  • Loads old presets, but saves in new (forward-compatible?) XML-based format (so basically everything went XML with this version)
  • Midi CC map can be saved/to from configuration file
  • Minor graphic changes, optimizations
  • Comments [11] I like your experimental plugins! One suggestion... "default.xml" is not a good name because many people extract VSTs into folders with other VSTs. It would be better for the file to be called "anticode.xml" or something like that. I'm assuming that renaming it means the plugin won't load it? I'm fussy myself because I rename VST filenames. :)
    : : Taore (2007-02-03 22:28:10)
    Macomate 88
    *not active*
    Array of 88 comb filters tuned using a .TUN microtuning file with feedback path. Is sensitive to MIDI input, with channels 1 and 3-16 activating their corresponding filters and channel 2 controlling the tuning of the feedback path.

    Latest version 1.2 (programs/ posted at 2005-11-26)
    Older versions 1.0.0 (programs/ posted at 2005-01-04)
    0.9.5 (programs/ posted at 2004-12-20)
    0.9.3 (programs/ posted at 2004-11-25)
    0.9.1 (programs/ posted at 2004-11-18)
    v0.9 ( posted at 2004-11-17)
    Notes Feedback path features 2nd order filter selectable LP, HP, BP, BS and all pass. Filter is tuned to midi event on channel 2 (using the loaded .TUN map). Comb filter lengths can be synchronized to the tempo. A few bug fixes. Make sure you right click on the main bar editor to access all the options such as setting the feedback filter type.
    Comments [2] After I finish up getting Anticode to v1, I'll spend some time updating Macomate in a similar way and add some proper documentation. Or maybe I'll document the current version first? Anyway, I'll get there eventually. Sorry it's taking some time.
    : : mutagene (2007-01-31 20:19:03)
    *not active*
    Chaotic additive under redevelopment (when time permits).

    Latest version 0.9.0 (programs/ posted at 2008-01-20)
    Older versions 0.4.1 (programs/ posted at 2004-10-28)
    0.4.0 (alpha/ posted at 2004-09-27)
    0.2.5 ( posted at 2004-09-01)
    0.1.5 ( posted at 2004-08-21)
    Manual POCAS_Manual_v0p9.pdf
    Notes "Speed" of particle simulation can be modulated by output level of synthesizer, "Freeze" allows preferential locking of particle movement to X or Y axis, patches are stored in XML file for future (???) compatibility, some bugs/denormals have been fixed.
    Comments [5] Pocas v0.9 is not preset-compatible with Pocas v0.41. Noticing that there are some banks out there for 0.41, I guess this might be an incompatibility worth addressing.
    : : mutagene (2008-01-20 19:44:03)
    *not active*
    A comb filter effect based on the core code from MutantKoto. I guess this might make it slightly similar to ConcreteFX's more fully specified Brush, but I haven't used that effect/synth so I really couldn't say.

    Latest version 0.6.1 (programs/ posted at 2004-11-25)
    Older versions 0.6.0 (programs/ posted at 2004-09-08)
    0.5.0 (programs/ posted at 2004-07-11)
    Notes Fixed fractional delay. Previously had same problems as MutantKoto.
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    *not active*
    A feedback delay featuring 2 frequency-warped lattice filters in the feedback paths. Lattice filter coefficients are scanned from a bitmap that can be user definable or are extracted in real-time from the input signal. Only available as a Windows VST.

    Latest version 1.5mac-d (programs/ posted at 2009-04-05)
    Older versions 1.5mac-c (programs/ posted at 2009-04-01)
    1.5mac-b (programs/ posted at 2009-03-30)
    1.5mac (programs/ posted at 2009-03-29)
    1.2 (programs/ posted at 2008-02-23)
    1.0.0 (programs/ posted at 2004-08-28)
    0.7.7 (programs/ posted at 2004-06-14)
    Manual 2WarpDelay_Manual_v1.pdf
    Notes I didn't realize how much was unfinished in the Mac version. I've tried to redress the imbalance a bit in this one. It's still not quite there, but I think it's a considerable improvement on the previous one, so I'll put it up now. Changes:
    • "Fade" - fadeout on no input was not implemented; now is.
    • Signal flow was wrong (!) with WIIR lattice output fed directly into effect output, instead of only being fed to output after delay/compressor stage. This caused, in particular, a heavy DC bias to effectively mute one of the channels
    • Reverse delay wasn't working
    • Interface was largely as-is Cocoa. For better or worse, it's now visually much closer to the Windows version. Still Cocoa-based, though (no Carbon-only host support).
    • Bitmap geometry changes were not correct
    • Compressor was acting funny. Is not same as Windows version; will look into why for next version. Should still be better now than before
    • zlib dylib dependency may have been causing trouble for some

    I would not have got around to this update - at least not in relatively short order - had it not been for the enthusiasm and/or eloquent frustration of several users, so thanks for the feedback - and please do not hesitate to continue to send feedback, bug reports, complaints, etc...

    Comments [31] this is great news. one of the few effects i really missed when i moved to mac. thanks very much!
    : : bovinator (2009-06-04 03:51:54)
    Mutant Koto
    *not active*
    A plucked string synthesizer which uses two delay lines to model each of the string's two polarizations (horizontal and vertical). Cross coupling of the strings is implemented, and string velocities can also be saturated to give wind instrument-like timbres. A frequency-warped lattice filter can be added to the output stage or inserted into the coupling path between the first and second string polarizations. Only available as a Windows VSTi.

    Latest version 0.9.9 (programs/ posted at 2004-11-25)
    Older versions (programs/ posted at 2004-07-13)
    0.9.8 (programs/ posted at 2004-07-03)
    0.9.7 (programs/ posted at 2004-05-20)
    Notes Fixed fractional delay (timbre was previously dark for high registers, sometimes unstable for high "cutoff").
    Comments [4] A great instrument indeed!
    But will it be updated? The newest version sounds too silent.
    : : Nahkranoth (2009-03-31 02:16:56)
    *not active*
    This plugin allows the user to perform a warped LP analysis of the input signal for each of four independent filter banks, whereafter the user can warp between all four filters using the XY touchpad control or use the 'filter warp' slider to change the warping in the filtering stage. The results tend towards bellish sounds or weird sleeping sounds reminiscent of the EMU Morpheus' filters. Only available as a Windows VST.

    Latest version 1.0.2 (programs/ posted at 2004-05-09)
    Older versions
    Notes Recompiled with hand-coded assembly written for 2WarpDelay, but original files were corrupted and had to partially rewrite. Sound is slightly different, but overall a very similar effect. Biggest difference from previous version is probably the implementation of chunk saving and loading, which means that filters are now saved with patches and banks. A big improvement, I think. A screenshot can be found here (GUI redone so it's no longer an obvious Waves ripoff).
    Comments [2] Port to Mac please! Hope to see it in the near future.
    : : Soarer (2009-02-02 07:41:36)
    mWarped Linear Prediction Filter
    *no further updates*
    Simulates warped linear prediction coding of a signal, with some parameters added to further degrade and mangle the sound. Based on Aki Harma's research of warped linear prediction and warped filter designs. Only available as a Windows VST.

    Latest version 1.0.2 (programs/mWLPCFilter.dll posted at 2004-07-22)
    Older versions 1.0.1 (programs/mWLPCFilter.dll posted at 2004-06-23)
    Notes Think I fixed the bug that was causing problems with FL Studio (and probably Buzz too, though I haven't tested Buzz). It works on my demo version of FL Studio, anyway, though with short latencies it can get really trashy sounding.
    Comments [2] Really good.
    Try it on guitar sounds after a VST amp simulator for endless tone variations !
    Also very good on snares - can change the tone/character of a snare. Sometimes it even seems to change the perceived decay time.
    : : AlienXXX (2010-03-11 03:06:22)

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